GOR FACTORY, a great company oriented to the creation of value

The history of Gor Factory as a textile company originally dates back to 1981. As clothing manufacturers in the Spanish market, its investment in stock, innovation in exclusive designs, and excellent quality, have led this company to be one of the benchmarks in Europe. Its international expansion is mostly due to its recognition by the client as one of the best quality and design brands in the European textile market.

Roly Limited Collection
Roly Limited Collection is a ROLY & STAMINA clothing collection that focuses on the fashion world

Gor Factory has the latest technological advances in the automation of logistics processes, which allows them to prepare orders in the shortest possible time, always carrying out an intense preparation control and fast service provided by its stock, one of the largest of the sector.

In the process of expanding to the European market and searching for personalized solutions for customers, among the first business partners was the online retailer Habeco promotional gifts, which is still one of the most important distributors of the Gor Factory brands. With their experience and tradition, they provide you with quality service and a friendly user experience.

Everything starts with Roly

Its first brand, ROLY, is a referent in the European textile sector. Created in 1997 by Gor Factory, who has managed to evolve ROLY as a style brand, as well as a promotional brand, creating customizable garments with exclusive designs, applying exhaustive quality controls in production processes, and investing in maintaining large levels of stock in Europe, becoming the best example of its commitment to excellence in service, quality and image.

Roly Sport
Roly Sport is a clothing collection aimed at sports and sports activities, with an emphasis on the quality, comfort and functionality of clothes that allow freedom of movement and optimal performance during sports activities

ROLY has extended its development by creating new sports designs (ROLY SPORT) as well as work clothing (ROLY WORKWEAR), apart from specific collections in its commitment to the environment, by presenting specific products produced with organic materials.

And it continues with Stamina

STAMINA, the great project of Gor Factory as a benchmark brand in the advertising gift sector, with Stamina being the best selection on the market, with thousands of promotion products for company gifts and original items for your promotions and advertising campaigns, raising a level in quality, design and innovation. Backed by a great team, which is focused on innovation in this promotion sector, this brand presents a wide variety of exclusive products in quality and design. Thanks to its awareness of corporate social responsibility, the Green Ideas Collection was born.

Green ideas STAMINA
The Green ideas STAMINA collection focuses more on products with more ecological materials

Our collections

You can find as follows all the items for each of the collections from both ROLY & STAMINA, pioneer brands in the textile and promotion gift sector:

  • Roly Limited Collection, garments focused on the world of fashion.
  • Roly Eco Collection, garments with fabrics of ecological, organic and recycled origin.
  • Roly Casual Collection, including from t-shirts and polo shirts, to fleeces, outerwear, raincoats and sweatshirts.
  • Roly Sport, aimed at the practice of sports, integrating new fabrics and technical improvements into its products to offer the best adjustment and performance.  
  • Roly Footwear, a brand specializing in basic and sports footwear. 
  • Roly Workwear has a wide variety of workwear solutions, which comply with all current requirements and regulations and thus meet the needs of each of the labour sectors.
  • Stamina, a promotional world without limits. Thanks to their awareness of the responsibility they have to ensure a more respectful environment for their own benefit and that of the planet, their Green Ideas Collection was born, where they bet every day for products with more ecological materials, that involve a less aggressive production process with the environment, all this combined with their original designs. Regarding their marking techniques, they have an exclusive service for all their articles.
  • Made To Order, custom production service.

Committed to the environment

At Gor Factory, they work constantly committed to a triple vision: economic, social and environmental.

The company’s main concern is the satisfaction of its customers, without forgetting the quality and care of the environment. Considering this, they carry out their activity following the lines of action of the sustainability policies. It follows the current environmental criteria specified in the SEDEX SMETA 4 PILLARS certification, a strict regulation that makes it an “Ecological Company”, achieving a reduction in emissions into the atmosphere, wastewater discharges, waste treatment and storage, security measures in the workplace, energy savings and reduction of noise pollution, through noise reduction in the company.

Presentation of Gor Factory

By putting all this together, a respectful, committed and responsible company with the environment is formed, without forgetting society.

In conclusion, Gor Factory is committed to each of your needs, without forgetting the environment.

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