Godfather / Godmother: what gift to give to your godchild?

You are the godfather or godmother of a newborn child. This gives you the very first opportunity to spoil this little one. There is no shortage of gift ideas on the market. It is simply important to make a wise choice while looking for the best quality / price ratio. Here are some ideas to please your godson.

A white bunny blankie 

The bunny blanket is an ideal birth gift for your godchild. This is the classic present to welcome this little one. It is so delicate and so cute that it will bring a lot of softness and tenderness to the newborn baby. 

This cuddly bunny will keep him company naturally over the years and will know how to reassure him during his nights. Gradually, a strong relationship will develop between the little white rabbit and your godchild who will not want to part with him. This birth gift is also a great idea given its affordable cost. 

Soft blanket as gift for a godchild
Beautiful and soft blankets are a wonderful birthday gift that stays as a lasting memory

The other advantage of choosing a white bunny blanket is that it is generally made with fine materials and very safe for babies. It is at the same time soft, very soft and is a real invitation to cuddle. Common models are designed with long ears that are very easy to reach for the baby. He will therefore be able to grab them easily with his little hands. 

A set of 3 pieces in organic cotton

If the environmental cause is close to your heart, opt for an eco-responsible present for your godchild. Why not choose a 

clothing set made up of 3 pieces in organic cotton? To do this, opt for a cardigan, boxer shorts and a ribbed bunny comforter. 

Gift for godchild - cardigan with an opening with buttons on the front
A gift for a godchild can also be a dress or a piece of jewelry

The ideal would be a cardigan with an opening with buttons on the front, to make it easier to put on baby. This beautiful set is perfect for welcoming your godson while giving him style. All dressed in this look from birth, the baby will be well protected and very beautiful. 

It is customary to give clothes to babies. However, for your godson, make a sensational choice. Also, opting for cotton fabric from organic farming is an ecological gesture. Indeed, it guarantees a soil-friendly cultivation without GMOs or pesticides. These clothes are therefore respectful of nature and take into account the sensitivity of baby’s skin. 

An assortment of diaper changing devices

Changing accessories are arguably the most useful gifts for a newborn baby. You could opt for a set consisting of a changing bag, an insulated bag and a changing mat. They are essential accessories from birth because they offer a certain organizational comfort to parents wherever they are. 

Gift for godchild: changing accessories
Changing accessories are just the right gift for families with small children

This set is very practical for going out with baby easily while taking everything you need. This might mean, for example, a few extra clothes, diapers, bibs, a bottle, etc. Thanks to innovative materials, the changing bag will be able to withstand bad weather! 

A nice set of pajamas

Because babies need special clothes to sleep in, give your godchild a set of pajamas. They allow toddlers to spend the night in very comfortable clothes suitable for sleep. Pajamas in the form of a jumpsuit are perfect for warming them to sleep. 

Pajamas as gift for a godchild
Moms will be thrilled with the set of pajamas or blankets for their toddler

There are so many models of pajamas that you can easily build a lot of variety. So, opt for those that are united, but also those that have patterns and are very colorful. For maximum comfort, choose noble materials such as organic cotton.

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