What are the Most Popular Promotional Items?

Advertising is a crucial aspect of growing your business. This is why it is important to look for a solid strategy that actually works. The best promotional products can help you start and build your brand. So, what are the most popular promotional items that you can use right now?

Company Apparel

You can make your business look more legit if you print your company name and logo on jackets, polos or other types of corporate apparel. While you might not be a big fan of uniforms, this is a professional attire is crucial at networking events. T-shirts can also be customized as casual weekend wear. Once the right design is used, you can be sure that your employees are going to wear these apparels again and again.

Promotional products can also be Company Apparel
Company apparel is an important part of promotion among employees and customers

Offer free promotional T-shirts at your upcoming advertising event so you can take promotion out of your own workplace. More than half of the consumer population owns promotional tees that make them function as your brand’s official walking billboards. 

Tote Bags

If you ever attended trade shows in the past, you surely know how these events are like exercises of willpower. But, they also work as the perfect chance for business promotion. Tote bags are among the best giveaways that you can bring and distribute as these will help the attendees keep their pamphlets, brochures, and other stuff in one convenient and easy to carry bag. At the same time, your logo will also be in full display while they are walking around from one booth to another. 

A promotional bag is one of the options for promotional items
A promotional shopping bag may contain your logo

Through offering canvas tote bags, your brand can also lower the use of plastic and its carbon footprint. A reusable tote bag has an average lifespan that is equivalent to over 700 disposable bags. 

Writing Instruments

You can never go wrong with adding the name of your company on the barrels of your promotional pencils and pens. After all, people are using them on an almost daily basis, whether to list down the groceries they will buy or take note of important household chores. Having said this, it is important to have pencils and pens in the supply room at the office, at the college bookstore, or the cup next to the cash register. Most people cannot go through the day without writing down something here and there. In fact, most consumers are using branded pens or pencils every day. 

Sticky Notes and Journals 

You were still a young kid when you learned how important it is to take down notes. You would sit at your school desk, write down some lines, and doodle every time you feel bored during class. Professionals also do exactly the same thing when attending meetings, and this is why it makes perfect sense to advertise using sticky notes and branded notebooks. 

It is said that you will most likely remember things if you write them down. This is the best way for you to stay on track and boost your productivity. 


With your active lifestyles and busy schedules, you need to always stay hydrated all day long. You should also not forget the importance of getting your regular dose of caffeine. So, why not give customers something that they can use daily by distributing promotional drinkware on your next event? Whether you hand out coffee mugs or water bottles, people will surely notice your company logo every time they go for a refill.

Adults in the adults use their drinkware imprinted with their logo 2 to 3 times per week. These become an important part of all households as people sit on their breakfast tables and grab snacks after school or work. 

Custom Hats

Custom hats are going to literally put your business brand right on top of the mind of anyone who gets one. It doesn’t matter if you opt for knit beanies for the winter festival, baseball caps for sports team, or plastic visors for tournaments, people always love such giveaways and even keep these with them for many years. 

Majority of consumers own hats that feature an advertising slogan or logo. Men and women alike are attracted to such promotional items simply because they are versatile and attractive. 


Vacations at the tropics will never be complete with a fresh drink at hand to complete a stylish swimwear and custom sunglasses. You can make your company brand a part these sunny getaways by using a pair of promotional sunglasses. Your customers are going to rock them at music festivals, community picnics, backyard barbecues, and outdoor events. 

Millions of pairs of sunglasses get sold in the US annually. These are not just trendy as they can also serve as the best level of protection from the dangerous UV rays. 

Tech Accessories

Grandparents down to toddlers are now using smartphones, tablets, or laptops. They always bring their devices with them anywhere they go, making tech accessories the best way of advertising your company. It doesn’t matter if you have your logo printed on earbuds or even phone stands because you can be sure that your brand will get lots of exposure.

USB key as a promotional item
The most popular promotional items are USB sticks

Lunch Bags

Your brand could have its own prominent spot in cafeterias during break time thanks to custom lunch bags. Food, after all, is a universal language that people of all races and colors understand. Students and professionals alike can discuss about your logo or company with anyone who sits with them at the table. You can showcase your good taste and sense if you make your brand a part of each meal. 

As adults become more and more conscious about their health and encourage their kids to do the same, bringing their own lunch at work and school is now a trend that also requires quality lunch bags for convenient packing. 

Promotional items are a surefire way of bringing in more business while enjoying effective advertising at a fraction of a cost. If you are a startup or a small business, you can never afford missing out on such a great opportunity. Use any of these promotional items the next time you gear up for an upcoming trade show or special event. 

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