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IMPACT is a brand of the Dutch company Xindao, a recognized supplier of promotional products and gifts since 1986. The company has branches on three continents in many countries, i.e., the Netherlands, Scandinavia, England, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, the USA, Hong Kong, and Shanghai. In addition, its substantial presence in China and its design studio allow it to develop in the promotional products industry.

Impact AWARE bag made of recycled cotton
The Impact AWARE recycled cotton bag is ideal for shopping and is a great promotional gift

Xindao operates exclusively through distributors, and one of the most important is Habeco promotional gifts.

The word Xindao has many meanings in Chinese, but “New Direction” is the most appropriate description of the company’s activities and philosophy. It refers to building a lasting relationship with suppliers and customers based on new ideas and directions. One of these new ideas is the IMPACT brand, which refers to a product line that aims to:

  • put an end to brainwashing with “green claims,” and
  • reduce the usage of water and save it.

No more brainwashing with “green claims”!

People should not trust every sustainable claim. Different companies try to seduce us with the most beautiful sustainable promises every day because we all want to contribute to a better world and a green planet. However, sustainable or “green claims” can only be empty words. A typical example is when we want to get a particular promotional product made from recycled material for a business event. We will want to give these to our customers, clients, business partners or employees as a business gift. Although the product says it is made from recycled materials, we cannot know for sure, as most “green claims” do not tell us the truth. 

Impact AWARE backpack
The Impact AWARE backpack is very suitable for everyday tasks and work

The simple fact is that no one can guarantee that the product is recycled. When you want to know the truth, you will quickly learn that each part of the production process points to each other, so you spin in a circle. No one can give you tangible evidence of the use of recycled materials. The only thing you will find is that conventional materials consume a lot of water, while recycled materials save a lot of water!

We call this phenomenon Greenwashing, which the IMPACT brand wants to put an end to in the production of business and promotional gifts.

At Xindao, they believe that sustainability starts with transparency. With their new IMPACT collection, they want to end the brainwashing with “green claims” and tell the true story of sustainability. Furthermore, they believe that traceability and sustainability are deeply linked. As market pioneers, they are therefore paving the way for the rest of the industry with the IMPACT collection, a line of products that influence water consumption.

Reduce usage and save water

The Earth is called the Blue Planet because of the significant presence of water, covering about two-thirds of the Earth’s surface. Unfortunately, most of this water is too salty to drink. Only about 2.5% of the world’s water is drinkable, and two-thirds are in glaciers. Due to the growing world population, excessive consumption and increasing pollution, drinking water supplies are increasingly limited. People all over the world use more water than can be restored naturally. By 2025, 50% of the world’s population will experience water scarcity. The OECD reports that water demand will increase by 55% by 2050.

Video presentation of IMPACT promotional and business gifts of the future

In industries, we can positively influence water consumption by using specific materials. For example, the IMPACT brand uses recycled polyester and cotton to produce promotional and business gifts. Using these recycled materials saves thousands of litres of water, and clients and customers can always verify company’s water-saving claims. The company thinks that we should not believe the statement written on the product but trust what is in the product itself. 

However, suppose you wonder how to do this and make sure about the use of recycled materials in the product and the consequent saving of water. In that case, the company offers you a completely new revolutionary way or an upgraded level of sustainability with a virtual component AWARE™. The application verifies the sustainable content of the final product with tracking technology and validates claims with blockchain technology. With AWARE™, the IMPACT brand guarantees genuine recycled fabric materials and the requirement to reduce water consumption. 

How does AWARE™ work?

A client or customer can verify a company’s “green claim” by scanning a product that detects traceable microscopic particles. These particles will take him to the very source of the material, thus convincing him that his product is genuinely recycled. Furthermore, it will also assure a client that thousands of litres of water have been saved for production due to such production.

Xindao explained in more detail the operation of AWARE™ in ten points, which are described below:

  1. SHREDDING – Shredding used water bottles or post-industrial cotton waste certified by the Global Recycled Standard (GRS). With this process, we again obtain material from already used products to produce new ones. 
  2. TRACER – Adding AWARE™ tracer particles to the recycled fibre provides a unique fingerprint that will forever keep the true story of where the base material comes from.
  3. YARNS – Spin yarn made from genuine recycled feedstock has an embedded AWARE™ tracer.
  4. FABRIC – The fabric is made of yarn with a tracer. Such material contains all the necessary information for future verification and traceability.
  5. FIRST SCAN AND VERIFICATION – Scan and verify if an AWARE™ tracer is detected in the yarn. If yes, a digital twin of the physical yarn (plus certification and LCA data) is registered in blockchain as AWARE™ tokens (each 1 kg of yarn = 1 AWARE™ token).
  6. PRODUCTION – The final product is manufactured following all technological standards and is visually the same as conventional products.
  7. SECOND SCAN AND VERIFICATION – Scan and verify if an AWARE™ tracer is detected in the final product. If yes, the correct number of AWARE™ tokens related to kilograms of yarn used for a specific order will be transferred from the AWARE™ digital wallet to the Xindao digital wallet.
  8. DOCUMENTATION – AWARE™ issues a Certificate of Authenticity, confirming that the original genuine and certified recycled yarn (with AWARE™ tracer) has been used in the final product.
  9. SHIPMENT – Products are shipped and available for sale. Xindao has access to all original certifications, mass balance verification and impact saving validation. 100% transparency.
  10. THE END OF GREENWASHING – The world’s first fully traceable collection of promotional and business gifts made from recycled polyester and cotton, positively impacting water consumption.


The IMPACT brand offers many promotional products such as bags, drinkware, headwear, household and outdoor products, notebooks, portfolios, umbrellas, and other items made from recycled material. All of these you can also follow with the AWARE™ application and thus save water. 

Outdoor weekend bag Impact AWARE
Outdoor weekend bag Impact AWARE is suitable for fitness as well as for weekend trips

In addition, for every IMPACT product sold, 2% of sales are donated to With this brand, you can make a positive contribution to a better world for future generations, which is crucial today.Find out more about the products at IMPACT, business gifts of the future.

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