What are the Special Gifts for Valentine?

Valentine’s Day is that momentous day when couples from different corners of the world show and express their love for one another through special gifts and heartwarming messages. 

While you don’t really need to wait for the 14th of February to shower your significant other with all the affection and love they deserve, there are times when you still try more during this extraordinary day. This is why no one can blame you if you will want to buy equally special gifts that will be embedded in their memories for a long time.

Valentine's Day Gifts For Your Love
The gift for Valentine’s Day is given on February 14th

Check out the following gift ideas that are guaranteed to make the upcoming Valentine’s Day more memorable and unforgettable for you and your special someone:

Set Up the Perfect Bath for Valentine’s Day 

Valentine’s Day gives you the best excuse to indulge in a shared bath. Soaking together in the bathtub intimate, tranquil, and relaxing, a very different experience from your usual night-in. Take things to the next level by treating your partner to their favorite bath bomb or better yet, you can make your very own using the scents they love. Set the atmosphere with relaxing music and light some scented candles to make it more romantic. 

Sparkling bath as a gift for Valentine's Day
A relaxing bubble bath is the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day

Say Your Message with Flowers 

During the time of ancient Greeks, rose was the flower with a close association with the goddess of beauty and love, Aphrodite. According to legend, Aphrodite used the immortal oil of rose for protecting the body of Hector from harm. Christians during the Roman Empire era also identified roses with the Virgin Mary that led to the development of devotional prayers and rosary. 

Gifts for Valentine's Day - red rose
The most common flower we give as a Valentine’s Day gift is still a red rose

With its long history that stood the test of time, you can safely say that giving roses is among the grandest love gestures that ever existed. It was common for couples to have a bouquet of roses as the number one choice on their list of gifts, whether it is for expressing their love, gratitude, or for saying sorry. 

If you want something more classic, a lovely bouquet of roses is your best option as Valentine’s gift. You can also add other flowers to make the mix more beautiful such as peonies, lavender, baby’s breath, or even lily. 

Sweets are Always Irresistible 

The ancient Maya society’s people had this belief that cacao was among the most valuable plants that exist since the fruit grew from the abandoned body of the Maize god. The phrase Theobroma cacao was used by Greeks as a way of honoring cacao as the food for the gods. Chocolate was also more special since the people of the Aztec civilization even used the beans of cacao as a currency. This special history only shows that chocolate doesn’t exist only to satisfy your sweet tooth as it also served very crucial purposes that many people didn’t know. So, if you are looking for a special gift for your significant other this coming Valentine’s Day, you can never go wrong with a box of chocolate. 

Gifts for Valentine's Day - chocolate
A box of chocolates as a gift for Valentine’s Day is the perfect chocolate gift for her and him

However, some people have a hard time finding that perfect box of chocolate for their special someone. After all, there is no space for anything ordinary during this day. Most experts and researchers believe that your best option for quality sweet goods is dark chocolate. Aside from being one of the most potent sources of antioxidants, dark chocolate also improves brain function and reduces risks of heart disease. Stick to the favorite chocolate of your loved one and you can expect to get a warm hug in return!

Make the Day Shine Bright with Sparkly Jewels 

As Marilyn Monroe once said, diamonds will always be a woman’s best friend and this hold true to this day. For men who are searching for a lavish and classic gift for their spouses, make sure you check out the nearby jewelry stores. To add a special touch to an already special gift, you can also go for a customized jewelry with engraved initials of the recipient. 

Jewelry is an ideal gift for Valentine's Day
Jewelry is the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day

Don’t feel pressured, thought, because you don’t have to spend a fortune just to get a special gift. You can also go for a sparkly watch, ring, or a necklace if you like. After all, love is what really matters at the end of the day. 

Express Your Love with a Picture 

It was in 1911 when the popular expression of how a picture is already worth a thousand words was used by the editor Tess Flanders for the very first time in the newspaper article about publicity and journalism. From then on, the expression continued to be used as a means of saying that photos often have more powerful impact than words alone. 

Gifts for Valentine's Day - a collage of photos
A collage of the most beautiful photos is a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day

This coming February 14, you can also take advantage of this classic expression by making your very own DIY project for your special someone. Among the simplest things you can do is to print out some of the best photos you have taken together for the past years or months. Use the printed photos to make a picture collage or hang them on a wall with a long string. 

You can easily buy the things you need for the project at a bookstore or craft store. This might seem effortless and easy but it is a very sentimental project that can make the day sweeter than ever. 

Go Stargazing 

If you happen to live in the bustling city, it might be very rare for you to see a clear and lovely night sky. But, as the air fills with romance, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time for you to have a sweet escape from the urban sprawl. Look for an area in total darkness and observe the heavens.

Watching the stars as a gift for Valentine's Day
A romantic gift for Valentine’s Day is stargazing

There is something unique about watching the stars with your loved one and if you are lucky, a shooting star might even appear, a universal symbol for happiness and good luck for the many years to come.

These are just some of the special gift ideas that can surely make this year’s Valentine’s Day ultra special than ever before!

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