Personalized Business and Office Gifts

Home may be the place where your heart is but your workplace is where you often spend most of your time. Since a big chunk of your life is dedicated to doing things you love, personalized business and office gifts are some of the best presents you can find for special occasions or holidays. 

Whether you want to surprise your colleagues with some gifts or you want to spruce up your personal space at work, here are some of the choices you will surely love.

1. Customized Desktop Calendars

Customized desktop calendars are some of the best items that will let you showcase your originality and make your logo and message stand out. There are endless possibilities available for you. You can go for soft or hard covers, glue moon sheets in the head or tie them with spiral. 

Personalized Business and Office Gifts - desktop calendar
Desktop calendars are an ideal office gift, with many different push options

The best thing about these gifts is that they are functional and environment-friendly at the same time. Unique desktop calendars complete with notes are no doubt one of the most practical and widespread business gifts you can find. You can even choose the specific themes for your calendars to further personalize them.

2. Customized Lanyards

Customized printed lanyards are the most practical carriers of advertising messages that can be used at conferences, fairs, and other events. Thanks to the available space, you can be as extensive as you want with your promotional message. You can also include details that might not be possible on other types of promotional items. 

Key chains are a practical business gift, extremely welcome for various events

These lanyards are made of polyester material that feels like silk and printed with color sublimation. You can choose from the standard strip widths of 20, 15, and 10mm. You can use these lanyards as accessories and the base price also includes the metal carbine already. 

3. Customized Wireless Chargers

Everyone charges their smartphones almost every single day and sometimes, even numerous times in just one day. Customized wireless chargers are some of the best personalized business and office gifts you can give that will let you highlight your sales item or logo better for advertising purposes. 

Personalized Business and Office Gifts - Wireless Charger
Power bank is one of the most useful devices of today, as it significantly extends the operating time of mobile devices

This will serve as an indispensable storage area or charging station for you different devices including your smartphone, headphone and smartwatch that supports Qi wireless charging. 

Yes, even wireless chargers can now be used as a representation of your brand to make it stand out from your competitors. 

4. Customized Metal Keyrings

Don’t miss out on the chance of creating one of a kind keychains that can best represent your brand in a very special and original way. Since everybody loves and needs keychains, it is now time for you to make sure that your pendants will stand out from the rest.

Metal Keyrings
Key rings are an extremely simple and inexpensive business gift, they come in many different shapes, materials and with a huge possibility of printing with logos

Keychains are very popular accessories and this is the very reason why more and more brands and organizations are now giving them away as personalized business and office gifts. You can also take advantage of their timeless popularity by printing your brand logo or message on them. 

5. Customized Drawstring Bag

A customized drawstring bag is one of the most unique items that your customers and colleagues will definitely find useful. This is a drawstring bag made of recycled PET bottles or 210D polyester. It is an ideal backpack to use for your day trips, when going on your favorite sports activities, or even when you are just doing your usual routines. 

Drawstring Bag
These and other bags and backpacks are among the more expensive business gifts, but they have the greatest reach – people will be happy to use them and literally carry the name of your company around

What makes it a very effective gift for businesses and offices is that aside from being lightweight, you can print its entire surface with your chosen design. Some of the materials you can choose from include 100% cotton, 100% RPET, 100% reflective polyester, and 100% polyester. 

6. Customized Shopping Bag

Who said shopping bags have to be boring? Shopping bags can now be printed completely from one edge to another to make your advertising message stand out and more noticeable than ever. 

Shopping Bag
A quality shopping bag will stay in the hands of the customer for a long time, it can be used for shopping or even as a simple beach bag

These one of a kind shopping bags make for useful business and office gifts. Research has revealed that if the recipients get useful gifts, the higher the chance for them to keep the gifts for themselves. These are also wonderful business gifts because they offer you a relatively bigger space for your advertisements. 

There are several materials for you to choose from and these include non-woven PP with lamination 120 g/m2, non-woven PP 80 g/m2, RPET with lamination 140 g/m, and PP-woven with lamination 140 g/m2.

7. Customized Paper Sticky Note Blocks

Grab the chance to customize these unique blocks that have self-adhesive sheets, all of which are based on your personal wishes. 

You can design these sticky note blocks according to your company’s guidelines and your preferences. These customized paper sticky notes are some of the best promotional items you can distribute. You can have the color completely covered both the inner and outer sides and even adjust the pen holder, the page market, the elastic band, as well as the pocket for the extra papers. You see, there are endless possibilities here that you can explore. 

Personalized Business and Office Gifts - Paper Sticky Note Block
A notepad is one of the typical office gifts, and the print is usually made in the least noticeable way, which in no way reduces its marketing value

8. Customized Cap

For the longest time, caps have been some of the most popular personalized business and office gifts that are used and this is for a good reason. Custom made and unique caps can be completely personalized based on your wishes so you can highlight your logo and message and show your originality to the rest of the world. 

Summer Cap
Printed hats are a great gift that people will be using for a long time to come, with a variety of different hats and caps, all of which have plenty of room for company logos

You can now create completely unique summer hats to best represent your brand. There are huge possibilities here, from the shapes, to the materials, designs, colors, and so much more. 

Caps are commonly used for the main reason that they have proven time and time again that they bring exceptional results when it comes to promoting your brand. Summer hats are very useful gifts that are usually used that will make your message and logo visible for everyone to see. 

9. Customized Cleaning Cloth

Gone are the days when cleaning clothes are only used for removing dust, dirt, and ugly greasy stains from different sensitive surfaces like electronic device screens, camera lenses, spectacles, and sunglasses. You can now personalize these cleaning cloths to remind users of your company each and every time.  

Cleaning Cloth
Two cleaning cloths in a sock

10. Customized Note

Distribute customized notebooks, paper pads, and notepads to showcase your brand in a special and original way. Choose from different designs, materials, and sizes and make everyone familiar with you and your offers. 

Personalized Business and Office Gifts - Note
Notebooks are great office and business gifts that also have great practical value
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