Cool Gift Ideas for Your Co-Workers They Will Love

How well do you know your co-workers? Even if you spend long hours with them every single day and you work alongside them for months or even years on end, there is still a very big chance that you don’t know everything there is to know about your colleague. 

It is because of this uncertainty that you might be left with no choice but to settle for boring and dull gifts for them during special events or occasions. How many times do you think they received the same old coffee mugs or café gift cards?

Unfortunately, this kind of unimaginative choice can be a total waste of a perfectly great opportunity. If you want to impress your colleague and show them your sincerity, here is a short list of some cool gift ideas for your co-workers they will love.

Dammit Doll 

Work life always comes with those crazy urges to destroy something and scream at something or someone. One of the cool gift ideas for your co-workers they will love is none other than the Dammit Doll that will let them unleash their stress and frustrations.

A gift that will enchant all your co-workers - Dammit Doll
Is your co-worker under stress? A Dammit Doll will be a very suitable gift for your co-worker.

This is the ultimate tool to relieve stress as they can whack, slam, and throw it as they please. Classic Dammit Doll has been especially made to absorb all the negative vibes so your coworker can be happy and ready to go back to work once again. 

Laser Cut Notebook 

Even if the world has become more state of the art and people have become glued to their screens, nothing can beat the satisfaction of writing on the good old paper.

A workbook is a suitable gift for co-workers
A workbook will be a gift that will enchant all your co-workers

A laser cut and handmade journal can take gifting to the next level and inspire your colleague to self-express in the form of verse and poetry. This gift is perfect for your co-worker who loves jotting down ideas, everyday thoughts, or doodles. 

Vinyl Stickers to Deter Food Theft 

Everybody love office lunch break as this is the perfect time to let out some steam. But, nothing is worse than learning that someone stole your food. Whether you like it or not, this is a reality in workplaces. If you want to help your coworkers stay safe from lunch theft, you can always gift them with vinyl warning stickers that can be used as labels to deter food theft. The receiver will be very grateful to you, especially if he or she has become a poor victim more than several times. 

Classy Business Card Holder 

Business cards are hard to keep considering that aside from your own business card, you might also receive tons of cards from other people on a daily basis. To help your coworker manage and store their business cards, you might want to look for a business card holder.

Gift for co-workers - business card holder
A gift that will enchant all your co-workers is also a business card holder

If you want something classy, choose a holder made from leather. A lightweight and thin one is also preferable so that it can easily fit in a small purse or blazer pocket so your coworker can carry it with ease even while on the go. Business card holders are some of the cool gift ideas for your co-workers they will love, specifically if they are always networking. 

Desk Organizer 

Desks tend to get messy all day long that it is easy to lose a paper clip or an important document if you aren’t too careful. If your coworker is having a hard time tidying up his desk, a desk organizer will be an appreciated gift for sure.

Gift for co-workers - pen stand
Pen stand – co-workers will be very happy with this gift

Look for a desktop organizer with a dedicated mail sorter, accessory drawer, accessory compartment. To make things better, make sure you shop for one that doesn’t only function as a desk organizer but can also make as a wonderful desk accessory. 

Personal Coffee Maker

Lightweight and small coffee makers are the best option for small cubicles and tight counter spaces in workplaces. This also makes them easier to transport from one place to another. Personal coffee makers are such a hot trend right now and this is for a good reason.

Coffee machine as a gift for co-workers
A coffee machine is a gift that will delight all your co-workers

There is always something comforting with a cup of coffee, especially if you can make one for yourself anytime you need and feel like to. You can further make the gift exciting by choosing one that comes with matching mugs so your coworker can enjoy coffee no matter what time of the day it might be. 

Bento Lunch Containers 

Going green and saying no to plastic is all the rage right now. People have come to realize and see the importance of saving the oceans and saving the planet as a whole. On top of that, people have also proven that staying healthy is a big must right now. Bento lunch containers can help your coworkers achieve all of these in one go. Pick one that has a leak-proof top portion with several compartments. It would also be a big plus if you can find a container that comes with a reusable organic lunch bag that your colleague can use for carrying the lunch box to work. 

Infuser Bottle

Speaking of a healthy lifestyle, it is important to stay hydrated at all times. From weight loss and fat burning, to improving the mood, digestive and immune systems, experiencing higher energy levels, and feeling rejuvenated, there are numerous perks of drinking more water that can never be ignored. Help your coworker take control of their hydration by gifting an infuser bottle that they can use to create their own infused water perfect for a refreshing detox made of natural herbs, vegetables, and fruits. 

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck

For the longest time, people have been told to think positive to attract a rich and happy life. However, the author of this book, Mark Manson, says that life isn’t all positive and people just need to live with this. This book serves as the antidote to the feel good mindset and coddling that the modern society has been engineered to believe and pursue. 

Use this short list of cool gift ideas for your co-workers they will love and put a big smile on the faces of your colleagues.

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