All You Need To Know About Eco-Friendly Promotional Products

“88% of consumers want to help brands be more environmentally friendly and ethical.”

Currently, a major and growing trend across all industries is the production and use of eco products especially eco-friendly promotional products. These are actions derived from the conscious efforts of people around the world, advocating for strategic changes to protect the ecological integrity of the ecosystem.

In simpler words, it is a way of promoting “Green Earth” by making more individuals, brands, businesses, and organizations take deliberate steps and execute tactics that are more environmentally, and socially ethical. Therefore, implementing sustainable branded gifts as a part of a business promotional tactic is a thoughtful emergence due to the growing demand, that would help your business grow.

Would you like to know more about why eco-friendly products are in great demand and reasons why you should invest in them? Then, this article would share great promotion gift ideas on “All You Need To Know About Eco-Friendly Promotional Products,” as outlined below.

  • What Are Eco-Friendly Promotional Products? 
  • Why You Should Choose Eco Promotional Bags Over Plastic Bags.
  • Benefits of Eco Promotional Products.
  • How Can Eco-Friendly Promotional Products Grow Your Business?
  • Ideas for Eco-Friendly Promotional Products.

What Are Eco-Friendly Promotional Products?

Eco friendly promotional products are branded products made from sustainable materials, encouraging earth-friendly behavior and ecological protection. Most of these products are made from renewable resources, can degrade easily, and can be recycled. Examples are bamboo notebooks, bamboo cutlery, 100% cotton tote bags, upcycled socks, recycled waste bags, recycled shopping bags, etc.

Generally, eco promotional products identify as one of the following: reusable, recyclable, recycled, organic, compostable, biodegradable, socially compliant, and made from renewable resources. Just like every other promo product, eco-friendly custom promotional products can be branded with your business logo, name, message, and design, making them great for corporate gifts and giveaways.

Currently, there is an increasing demand for sustainable business promotional products due to a growing change in consumers’ attitudes towards sustainability. Therefore, you can take advantage of this change by offering these products as promotional gifts that would generate great benefits, both immediately and in the long run.

Why You Should Choose Eco Promotional Bags Over Plastic Bags.

Plastic bags are one of the common and widely used household items. They are popular because they are functional, cheaper, lighter, durable, and hygienically preferred to carry foods and other goods. Though we have associated these bags as a modern necessity or convenience, we should think about the consequences they bear that affect the life quality of the ecosystem and the health quality of the man in the long run.

Plastics are the major contributors to pollution on earth. Statistics tell us that we consume between 300 to 600 million plastic bags a year, and 89% of these bags are used only once. Furthermore, only about 4% of these bags are recycled as we throw away the wastes. This is deleterious because plastic bags do not decompose easily, in fact, one plastic bag thrown in nature can remain in nature for up to 2000 years.

Sadly, every year, more and more plastic bags end up in nature, filling up the trash, landfill, streets, canals, parks, beaches, rivers, seas, and oceans. Worse still, when we burn them, they release toxic fumes that are lethal to man and animals. There is an increasing number of deaths of marine life such as planktons, algae, dolphins, turtles, whales, penguins, and fishes, due to their consumption of plastic bags. Also, more insects and animals on land die from the inhalation of plastic bags’ fumes and residues.

Plastics are not degradable and contain toxic chemicals that are deleterious to man’s health. Exposure to these chemicals is responsible for several diseases such as cancer, birth defects, lung diseases, immune system disorders, nervous disorders, endocrine disorders, etc. Overall, these consequences have caused financial constraints due to monetary damage, invariably affecting the economy.

Therefore, sustainable business promotional products such as 100% cotton drawstrings bags, 100% cotton tote bags, recycled waste bags, PVC laptop bags, etc. Consider using branded products made from materials that decompose easily in nature such as paper, bamboo, jute, cotton, and fabrics. These bags would help you achieve your advertising goals, but the difference is that you leave a positive impression on your recipients, an advantage that would be beneficial in the long run.

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Benefits of Eco Promotional Products.

Ecofriendly promotional products are quite cheaper than other promo products. This is more beneficial because eco-friendly custom promotional products are the cheapest promotion for your brand or business. The majority of the users integrate the promo products in their private lives, thus creating an advertisement that is cost-effective, and rewarding than some other ads.

As mentioned earlier, sustainable business promotional products contribute towards sustainability and waste reduction. They help to reduce our already inflated level of world’s pollution by preventing unnecessary waste. This is executed by choosing reusable products and biodegradable products, as opposed to products that are made from non-renewable resources. Also, earth-friendly products reduce carbon emission, protect the climate and mitigate the rising negative climate change.

Sustainable branded gifts are economical corporate gifts. They are durable, long-lasting, and cheaper. They help businesses, companies, and organizations save money by reducing financial costs compared to their counterparts. Also, the products are reliable and handy to consumers, reducing the financial expense to be spent on replacing the product. In the long run, this boosts economic growth and national development.

Furthermore, these products act as sustainable branded gifts that are great for a kick-starting engagement at experiential marketing events such as conferences, tradeshows, concerts, etc. They are also great for activation and social media campaigns, generating conversations around your promotional items, creating engagement, and building awareness of your brand or business.

How Can Eco-Friendly Promotional Products Grow Your Business?

Ecofriendly promotional products offer cost-effective benefits that can boost sales, increase profits and grow your business significantly in the long run. Giving out these products to your clients, customers, partners, friends, and the general public would help you attain visibility and boost your brand image.

Also, it is an effective way to showcase your business or company as being reputable. It shares your thoughts on your social responsibility and right attitude towards the environment. It passes the message across that you care about the environment and your customers. In return, this would leave a good impression on them and strengthen brand loyalty.

About 90% of customers who received a promotional gift from a company would patronize that company in the long run. Therefore, you can offer eco-friendly custom promotional products at events, giveaways, or stores to gain new customers and retain those who have previously bought from you. Also, these customers would attract new customers for your business, ensuring expanding and continuous advertising.

Furthermore, it’s a long-term investment for you because most promo products offer ongoing exposure wherever they are seen or used. Thus, it’s a good signal to your potential clients, customers, and partners that you are not only thinking about profits but you are conscious of the law of action and consequences, and more importantly, the future.

Ideas for Eco-Friendly Promotional Products.

Nowadays, eco-friendly branded products are being distributed as promotional items as the brands compete to create excellent brand recognition in an eco-conscious world. Thus, as much as you want to prove yourself as being environmentally friendly, you shouldn’t neglect usability when choosing your products. Do not choose products that would be rejected or end in the trash. Instead, go for sustainable business promotional products that are creative, stylish, and yet convenient to use. 

Also, you should choose practical and enjoyable functional items that are carefully evaluated to increase brand exposure while ensuring a respectful use of materials. Therefore, you should purchase your eco promotional products from companies that integrate sustainability in the product development process; from material selection, production, personalization, and packaging methods.

Some ideas for eco-friendly custom promotional products are materials made from fabrics, seed paper, jute, organic cotton, bamboo, wheat straw, coffee husk, cork, glass, corn PLA, and RPET. You can make varieties of branded products from these materials such as cardboard notebooks, power banks, umbrellas, t-shirts, caps, hats, bamboo headphones, bamboo power banks, bamboo cutlery sets, jute shopping bags, bamboo lunch boxes, 100% cotton drawstrings bags, tote bags, recycled waste bags, recycled shopping bags, PVC laptop bags, bamboo USB drives, etc.

Unarguably, sustainable branded gifts should be practical and stylish to be more accepted and appreciated by your recipients.  This way, you can achieve your marketing goals by proving to build an emotional connection and engagement with your customers while contributing your quota to maintain ecological integrity. Overall, these promotional gifts would help your customers or new leads remember you in a positive light, thereby boosting environmental perceptions of your business, and in return, increasing sales and profits.

In summary, this article would have shared insights on why eco-friendly promotional products are a growing trend that benefits not only your brand or business but the ‘earth” as well. Therefore, you should consider an investment in these products as a cost-effective and rewarding way to achieve your advertising goals, boost your brand image and grow your business significantly in the long run.

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