Difference Between Corporate Gifts and Promotional Gifts

Although promotional gifts and corporate gifts are both useful marketing tools, these two are actually different in many ways. Knowing the difference between corporate gifts and promotional gifts is important for companies small and large alike to have a more effective marketing. 

In these tough times of the economy, businesses have decided to reduce their marketing budgets. As a result, they have become more creative and innovate when it comes to their marketing efforts. Corporate and promotional gifts serve a good purpose for businesses. But, for a more effective implementation, it is important to have a clear understanding of their differences.

Corporate Gifts and Their Purpose 

Back in the days, only larger and more successful companies offer corporate gifts. However, this idea has soon reached smaller businesses where they are also effective. In general, businesses have come to realize the essence of nurturing working relationships that are extremely valuable to a business, whether it is relationship with clients, employees, suppliers, and business associates. Corporate gifts can be used for strengthening such relationships. The purpose of corporate gifts is to convey gratitude and appreciation to these recipients that thereby uplifts the profile of the company. 

Corporate Gifts and Their Purpose
Pens are always welcome Corporate gifts

You can also turn corporate gifts to promotional gifts yet the target market is much different than promotional items. Once corporate gifts indicate branding for encouraging company awareness, the people who may come into contact with them will be of the similar caliber as that of the recipient. 

This is the reason why corporate gifts must be attached with some value and should be made of high quality. It is never effective to use cheap corporate gifts. Corporate gifts also work wonders in improving the morale of the staff and encouraging them to be passionate and motivated about the brand that they represent. 

Promotional Gifts and Their Purpose 

Promotional gifts tend to reach a larger audience and meant instead for consumers and customers to encourage customer loyalty and increase brand awareness. Most companies use promotional gifts as a way of making consumers more awareness of what the business is all about hoping to increase their customer base. There are also companies that use promotional items for marketing a specific product or service. 

Promotional Gifts and Their Purpose
Promotional gifts increase customer loyalty and visibility

Promotional items got the potential of acting as ongoing advertisements. This is the reason why the items themselves should the right choice. Promotional items are often purchased in bulk like pens, caps, bags, T-shirts, caps, and others since these are more cost-effective. These promotional items should be practical in such a way that recipients will be able to use them daily. When promotional items are more exposed to more people, there is a higher chance for some of them to take note of these items and the brand they represent. This is why pens are a very popular option as these are small and affordable with high practical value. 

Other Factors That Make Corporate Gifts Different from Promotional Gifts 

There is actually a big difference between corporate gifts and promotional gifts. These two are the opposite of each other. While one is a gift of gratitude, the other is more of a promotional giveaway. 


Corporate gifts are distributed sporadically or during special occasions such as the holidays. Meanwhile, promotional gifts are part of daily marketing campaigns. You will never see corporate gifts being handed out as promotional giveaways. 

Give corporate gifts on special occasions
We give corporate gifts only on special occasions

Many corporate gifts are given during New Year or Christmas or once or twice yearly. However, the frequency of promotional gifts should be higher than this. Promotional products should be regularly handed out all year round. 


Promotional gifts will make you spend less than $10 per piece as these are considered as giveaways. With corporate gifts, you will probably spend $25 up to $50 for each gift. You can see that there is a big difference when it comes to the expenses for promotional products and corporate gifts. 

This is why you need to be careful in selecting who will receive corporate gifts. You might want to narrow the list down to the top few clients that are doing business with you. 

Corporate gifts and price
Corporate gifts are more expensive than promotional gifts


The main purpose of promotional gifts is to showcase your brand and be recognized by the target audience. These promotional gifts are being distributed with the hopes that they will be noticed and used. 

On the other hand, corporate gifts tend to more personalized and are given to current clients as a way of saying thank you and hopefully open doors for communication. These promotional items are perfect as sales tools unlike corporate gifts that function as communication tools. 

Promotional items are being given away with the hope of making a lot of good impressions. Meanwhile, it is expected that recipients will keep corporate gifts with no expectations to make any impressions although this is possible. 


Promotional products are not just handed out to anyone. It is a must that you are selective when it comes to your recipients. You need to think of your target audience and the ones that fall into this description can be considered as potential recipients. 

As for corporate gifts, the recipients are those that are already your clients. Corporate gifts could also be given to vendors and employees to show appreciation or recognize hard work. 

The recipient of a corporate gift is one who is already your customer
Corporate gifts are gifts that you give to your customer


You will want to ensure that your promotional gifts are actually useful. This is the best way for you to make sure that you will get lots of good impressions from them. Among the most useful promotional gifts are custom pens, keychains, water bottles, sunglasses, hats, mugs, sunglasses, and shirts. These are all good examples of promotional products that recipients will find useful. 

The usefulness of corporate gifts
A very useful corporate gift is a USB key

On the other hand, it is not really necessary for corporate gifts to be very useful. Instead, these are meant to impress recipients as a way of saying thank you. This is why you need to be more selective with your corporate gifts compared to your promotional ones. 

Now that you know the difference between corporate gifts and promotional gifts, make sure that you choose the right one for your needs and use them to your advantage.

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