Simple Hacks on How to Wrap a Present

For other people, searching for the perfect gifts can be done easily, but the challenging part is wrapping such presents. Some people find both easy, but if you’re one of those who struggle when wrapping a present, it’s important to know the different simple gift wrapping hacks. 

Once you learn how to wrap a present for any type of occasion like a birthday or Christmas, you’ll surely enjoy it and won’t get frustrated about the idea of giving gifts. You can start with curling ribbon bows or determining your mistakes to avoid them. When you decide to spend time practicing wrapping presents, you’ll be able to master this craft successfully.

With so many weddings, anniversaries, parties, and other celebrations, gifts are often necessary. Whether you’re searching for some styling ideas on your wrapping or it’s your first time to wrap a present, keep the simple hacks and steps in mind:

Know the Theme of the Occasion

Before you get started with wrapping your presents, it’s best to determine first the theme of the occasion. Once you got a clue about the theme, start looking for the materials you’ll need to wrap a present.

How to Wrap a Birthday Gift
How to wrap a birthday gift? Use vibrant colors.

Prepare the Materials You’ll Need

The basic gift wrapping materials may include scissors, tape, and wrapping paper. If you like to add a tag and a bow, you can also prepare them ahead. 

If you like adding some personality to your gift, it’s best to be creative with your preferred ribbon. You may also curl a traditional ribbon to make the look more fun. It’s much easier to wrap something rectangular or square. So, save yourself from any hassle and get a box when wrapping your presents to make everything much easier.

Gift wrapping supplies
Wrapping paper, ribbon, scissors are just some of the necessities for wrapping a gift

The golden rule when picking a wrapping paper is to settle with the thicker ones. These are the better options. If you want something that will make the process of trimming easy for you, search for a roll that comes with a grid pattern.

Having a scissors that’s sharp and comes with a comfortable handle can make it easy for you to cut things quickly without getting hurt. When it comes to the tape, choose a double-sided one. For many pros, it’s the secret weapon to achieve a neat appearance when wrapping presents. So, if there’s an upcoming event where you’ll need to prepare gifts, have a bulk package of these tapes.

Cut The Wrapping Paper in Proper Size

Place your box facedown on the top of your wrapper. Then, leave the paper attached to its roll. To cut the paper, use your scissors and cut the paper and make it wide enough to cover both sides of your box.

Video: 20 elegant gift wrapping ideas everyone will love

Fold the Wrapper

While you’re on the same side of the roll, pull the paper tautly over and up the far end of your box. Use a double-sided tape as well as crease the wrapper along the edge of the box with your forefinger and thumb.

Join Both Ends

Unroll your wrapper and let the ends meet. Cut the wrapper from the roll and leave an overhang. Fold it under and crease along your fold. Use a double-sided tape to seal the wrapper.

Video: Quick Gift Wrap Hacks!

Get Rid of the Excess Paper

Make sure to get rid of any excess paper on your present. Apply a tape to your present’s bottom flap and fold it over its top flap.

Add Ribbon

If you want to make your present more attractive, make sure to place a ribbon on top of it. Depending on your preferences, you can place any kind of ribbon. You may also pick any color for your ribbon. But, make sure that it matches on your gift wrapper.

Gift wrapping bow
The bow is a very important element in wrapping a gift

Add Notes

You can add a personal touch on your gift wrap by adding some notes after you’re done with the ribbon. You can place your notes anywhere you’re comfortable and anywhere it’s visible to the one who will receive the gift.

Make Sure to Check Out Other Gift Wrapping Ideas

Wrapping any kind of gift is simple and easy. The only thing you should do is to practice the steps mentioned above and consider other gift wrapping ideas.

Since there are various themed parties and occasions, you have to switch up your wrapping methods for variety. Checking out other gift wrapping ideas online will surely make a difference in giving presents to your loved ones. Just remember that the simple ones often look best. It only means that you don’t have to spend a huge amount of money just to purchase gift wrapping materials. Look around your room or home and you might find some good items you can include when wrapping gifts.

Never Forget to Check the Material’s Quality

The quality of the materials you’ll use for wrapping a present can either make or break your desired results. This is the reason why you should always choose the ones that are made of high quality. Materials that are well-made and not subpar will surely make your presents more attractive. 

If you have the budget for gift wrapping, you can spend any amount of money on the wrapping materials. However, if you have a tight budget, make sure to shop around first and compare the options. It’s also a good idea to use some of your unused things when wrapping gifts to enjoy savings.

The Bottom Line

Although wrapping presents can be time consuming and requires effort, you can be an expert in no time if you know how to practice regularly. No matter what your preferences are, adding cute and simple items can make a difference. You may also create something special with flowers, pretty leaves, and branches right from your backyard. Personalizing your gifts can also be a good idea.

If you feel that your skills on wrapping presents is not enough, don’t hesitate to ask for a helping hand or some tips from the ones who are experts on this thing. You’ll never know you might learn something new from the gift wrapping experts, which you can incorporate in your future gift wrapping sessions.

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