Best Gifts for People Who Have Everything

Everyone has that one friend or relative that you love to bits but sadly, shopping for them is just impossibly difficult. That person is someone who always makes you frustrated because he or she already got everything and doesn’t even give you a clue on what you can get for them during special occasions or events. 

If there is this kind of person in your life, your best choice is to look for things that they might not know exist. Yes, there will always be that thoughtful gift that the person will cherish because of its unique purpose and genuine use.

To make your quest easier, take a look at this list of the best gifts for people who have everything:

One of a Kind Experience

Many people already got so much stuff. They no longer need more trinkets to clutter their living spaces or new toys that will be set aside after being played for one or two days. Instead of opting for physical items, why not go for experiences?

Tips for buying gifts for people who have it all
Skydiving is a suitable gift for people who have it all

By pre-paying for an experience or event, your family member or friend will get an unforgettable adventure and might even acquire new memories or skills. All of these are more valuable compared to a new pair of shoes or Bluetooth speakers. Some of the best examples of experience gifts include a massage, concert or theater tickets, airplane flying lessons, sports event tickets, skydiving, a ride in hot air balloon, wine tasting, and more. 

Virtual Assistant

Time, unlike money, is not a renewable resource. Why not give the recipient of your gift more free time, then? A VA or virtual assistant can perform all sorts of tasks on their behalf, such as travel planning, scheduling, bookkeeping, and managing their inbox, just to name a few. You can give the person their time back such as during the weekend. Instead of doing take home work, you can let them spend their precious time with the family or get more sleep. 

Gifts for people who have everything - a virtual assistant
Virtual assistant – a gift for people who have everything

Customized Gift

The best gifts for people who have everything are those with a more personal touch as these tend to hold more meaning and significance. If you order something embroidered, engraved or designed especially for the recipient, you are showing that you have put effort and actual thought in finding that perfect present. 

These customized gifts don’t have to be expensive or flashy, though. Some good personalized gift ideas include keychain with engraved important dates, photo socks, personalized jewelry, a leather journal with embossed message or name, engraved wine glasses, engraved flask and customized cutting board. Just ensure that you thought about the gift and go for something that the recipient can really use. 

Gift Cards 

Many people assume that gift cards are so outdated. But, people who have everything already know the things they really want. So, it wouldn’t make sense to give them something they are not even looking for. 

Don’t be ashamed to buy someone a gift certificate or gift card for their favorite activity or store. It is a great way of showing that you paid extra attention to their personal preferences while you acknowledge the fact that they prefer to shop on their own. Instead of pulling your hair out trying to figure out the best gift for someone who already got everything, give them something that lets them choose what they want. 

Travel Accommodations

Since flights are a bit expensive, you can cut down the travel costs of the recipient by booking them an accommodation for one night or more. There are lots of affordable hotel alternatives, most of which are more memorable and authentic. In case the recipient prefers to choose their own accommodations, you can consider buying a gift card for a major hotel chain or Airbnb. 

Gift for people who have everything - Hotel accommodation
Hotel accommodation – a gift that will delight everyone

Airline Tickets

If you’ve got the spare budget to spend, you can gift airline tickets for the dream trip of your family member or friend. 

Gifts for people who have everything - plane tickets
Buying a ticket and a dream trip. A gift that will delight even people who have it all.

Most people don’t really need more stuff and instead, they would rather explore the world. You can help the recipient of the gift broaden their horizons and stepping outside their comfort zones. Unlike the jacket that you gave them the previous year, this kind of gift is something they will never forget. Just ensure that you got them involved in the whole process to ensure that the date suits their schedule and the destination you book is the one they wish to visit. 

Night Out

Everybody deserves to spend a night out every now and then, including married couples, dating people, and single people, of course. Not everyone can spend several nights in a row binge watching on Netflix.

Concert ticket as a gift
A great gift idea for people who have it all is also a concert ticket

Why not plan a night out or date night for the recipient of the gift, then? This can include a gift card and dinner reservation, movie tickets, post or pre-dinner cocktails, and many others. The main point here is that you take the planning out of their hands so the only thing left for them to do is dress up and step outside their home. 

Babysitter Service

Having kids in the house doesn’t mean that parents can no longer spend days or nights on their own. These people deserve a gift that lets them breathe so they can just pamper themselves even for once. You could hire a trustworthy babysitter who can look after their little ones while they are outside. Or better yet, you can even act as the baby sitter yourself. 

Subscription or Membership

This one is the kind of gift that continues to give for a long time. You can give a relative or friend access to entertainment good for one year for video streaming services. If the recipient loves music or books, you can also gift them with a subscription to an audiobook service or music service. 

For someone with kids, you can also give them a membership to a zoo, aquarium, kids’ gymnasium, or children’s museum in the area. 

Finding the best gifts for people who have everything doesn’t have to be difficult. As long as the gift shows your appreciation and love, you can never go wrong with whatever choice you make.

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