How Promotional Gifts Increase Brand Awareness

If you’re running a business, the key to success is to keep your brand fresh in the minds of your potential and current customers. Once your brand is easily memorable, identifiable, and recognizable, your business will surely benefit in many ways. 

With that in mind, it may often be hard to find the best marketing strategies that provide results in terms of increasing brand awareness. A good way to showcase your brand and boost its exposure is through the use of promotional gifts. These can be customized with slogans, business logos, and so on and can be distributed to your target audience for free.

Some common promotional gifts used by businesses to spread their brands include pens, bags, mugs or shirts. Depending on your preferences, you have the freedom to choose which promotional gifts are ideal for your brand. No matter what your choice is, below are some of the ways on how promotional gifts can increase brand awareness:

Provide Something Useful to Your Audience 

If your promotional gifts are useful, the more times the individual who gets it will interact with your business. That is the reason why items like mugs and pens are among the favorite items of marketers who want to distribute promotional items. 

Pens as promotional gifts
Pens as promotional gifts to increase brand awareness

Such gifts are very useful and these are the items that most people use daily and once you give away such items, you’re also creating the chance for your brand to be seen on a regular occasion for a long period of time.

Promotional Gifts Are Tangible

Most communication between people these days is done through the digital platforms. For instance, some people exchange information through using their mobile devices rather than swapping business cards. The constant involvement of technology creates a scenario wherein tangible items like promotional gifts can stand out and make a big impact. 

Promotional and business gift: USB stick
A USB stick is a promotional gift that the customer will use over and over again

Providing your existing or potential customers a gift that they can hold personally is truly a refreshing experience for them. Moreover, they’re more likely to remember and notice your brand in the end.

Stand Out in The Competition

It’s always a great idea to figure out what types of promotional gifts your competitors are giving to their own customers or audience. With this knowledge, you’ll have a chance to do something different and stand out in the competition. 

Promotional and business gift: desktop calendar
A calendar with a motivational quote and logo is a suitable business gift

For instance, if the majority of businesses in your niche distribute mugs and pens with their logos, you can consider giving new items like calendars that feature your logo or brand to gain more attention.

Perfect Your First Impression

It’s never easy to make a positive first impression in today’s market. With the level of competition, most of your target audience might think that your brand is just one of the usual business in the market. Fortunately, promotional gifts can work its wonder by helping you gain good first impressions from your customers. 

Promotional and business gift: t-shirts
T-shirt as a business and promotional gift

You have to take note that most people love something useful and free items like promotional gifts. So, if you want to interact with your audience effective and leave something that will make them remember your brand, make sure to prepare some promotional gifts for them. You can give out such gifts during your launching event or anytime you want to make your customers feel appreciated. In this way, you can be assured that you’ll have a lasting impression from your audience.

Why Promotional Gifts Are Effective?

The traditional forms of advertising may not be as effective as they were before. On the contrary, promotional gifts last longer compared to the typical way of advertising. People tend to keep promotional gifts longer, which can boost your brand awareness effectively. A notebook or pen with your logo will be seen far more than any ads on magazines and people would get more use of the notebook or pen.

Promotional and business gift: Softshell jacket
Softshell jacket as a business and promotional gift

Once done properly, promotional gifts help create a good and lasting impression among your audience. Regardless if somebody decides to do business with you after getting a promotional gift, it’s crucial to note that seeing your brand logo daily can help them remember about your business. If in case they need your service or product in the future, you’ll be one of the businesses they’ll think of.

Promotional gifts can also boost your brand awareness for the reason that more people keep such items in comparison to flyers or pamphlets. In addition to that, promotional gifts are tangible products, which leave lasting impressions in the recipient’s mind. Over time, this can impact your business, which can level up your exposure in the market. Moreover, the best thing about promotional gifts is that they work for all kinds of businesses.

How to Choose the Best and Right Promotional Gifts for Your Business

Choosing the right and best promotional gifts for your business can be challenging and difficult. If it’s your first time to look for promotional gifts, never feel like you’re confined to purchasing the most popular pens, notepads, and key chains. 

At present, companies providing promotional products provide you the ability to customize everything. Whether you prefer golf balls, umbrellas or bottles, you can customize such items in accordance with your brand. 

If you can’t pick out promotional products, try giving out some stress balls, sunblock or first aid kits if you work in the medical field. If you’re niche is related to travel, you can give out passport cases, beach towels or beach bags. On the other hand, technology companies may try out car chargers and USB drives. 

Selecting the items related to your business is a good way to help with brand recognition and association. Regardless of what you prefer to purchase, see to it that the promotional gifts are of high quality and have a value to your audience.

All in all, promotional gifts are the best way for you to get the name of your business in front of a wider audience and they’re a good addition to your current marketing strategy. So, if you want to boost your marketing strategies while you increase your brand awareness, you can never go wrong with promotional gifts!

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